Charles "Chuck" Rice

Product Designer · Manchester, UK ·

My purpose is to leave the world a better place than I found it, and nothing frustrates me more than lazy design in products both physical and digital. I'm a Product Designer at heart and want to leverage my previous technical experience in DevOps and functional Development to help others with the same mission.

Design Principles

Coming Soon

Design Sprint

I am fully certified in Design Sprint Facilitation since November 6th 2018, by AJ&Smart and Sprint Creator Jake Knapp.

Case Study

Coming Soon: Redesign the Wheelie Bin.

For now, see my first 8 hours learning Figma creating the mobile app concept for SPOK'D (shared with permission).

Product Design

Design Methodology
My methodology is tailored to deliver the most optimal solution possible given the time, budget and resources available no matter how large or small. I work across the full stack of design phases, in order to achieve the best result possible.
User Research
Problem Mapping
User Testing
Soft Skills
What separates a good designer from a great designer are their soft skills.
  • Facilitation
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Business Acumen
Here's a list of my favourite tools, as well as ones I'm comfortable using as required.
  • Design: Figma, Sketch, Post-it notes, Whimsical
  • Development: Github, Linux, AWS, GCE, Heroku, Functional Languages, Imperative Languages
  • Project Management: Trello, JIRA, G-suite
  • Other: Google Analytics, Hotjar